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How to use this website?

First prepare a youtube url you would like to play. You could use a single video or a playlist. The player would loop the video/playlist when it ends.

After that, you paste it on the input box under the video player. Then you could just click the 'Play' button to start your 'Focus' session'. The timer is set to 25 minutes of 'Focus' session and 5 minutes of 'Break' session, and would alternate each session one after another. For each 4 rounds, you would have 15 minutes of long break. You could pause or reset the timer anytime. You also could change any of the durations to suite your needs.

You can turn the player into Fullscreen mode. In that mode, the player would fill the page, and left the timer toolbar above the player. If you wish to, you could also install this website as a PWA by clicking the 'Install this page' button on your browser's URL bar.

Where do you store my video history?

The history is stored locally on your browser, so we can't see it on our server. When you change browser or device, the history would be separated.